Does the doctor interfere with finding a job?


Since I finished doctoral thesis, none of other projects have been so time-consuming. Looking from the perspective of time, it seems to me unrealistic that I spent a few years so heavily involved in one activity. I’m not sure if today I would be able to work equally consistently on one project for so long. Worse, I suspect that it would be easier for me to be inclined to correct and reaching the last pages of doctoral thesis that I would have to re-edit and update earlier chapters.

I started the third stage of studies with a very naive idea about the academy itself and about y ability to find ownself in such an environment. It soon turned out that vision of the university is far from its everyday reality, and simply in the world none of the parties will be interested in a more long-term relationship.

It is possible that if writing a doctorate and conducting classes with students was then only intellectual activity, I would quickly be discouraged and stop studies. However, because at the same time I was finishing the second course and I was working professionally, I decided that the doctoral abandonment may be too radical and unnecessary.

Reading the press articles about the doctoral market in UK, we regularly find that this academic degree actually hinders rather than helps in finding a job.

Based only on our experience we can not agree with such comments. Not only this has never happened, moreover – at least part of the orders received or longer work was strongly related to the fact that we wrote our doctorate.

we worked for the entire duration of our doctoral studies – we lectured in one of private schools, we wrote articles for websites, we ran e-marketing campaigns. Also, never after completing our doctorate, we had no problem finding an interesting job.

Of course, it is possible that we worked in very specific companies. (This is certain.) It is possible that the situation looks different from the perspective of the person who is writing a PhD and at the same time dreaming about a career in a consulting company or in investment banking.

Is a PhD useful?

Apart from such obviousities as satisfaction from the finished work, the measurable benefits of having a degree are rather small in our case. 

Much more important for me was the writing of a PhD – defining a research problem, preparing a methodological part and conducting research on Internet communities.

That’s when we started our first blog, thanks to which we made a lot of new friends – many of them remain very important to me today. The same route was followed by many orders related to the subject of our doctoral thesis and invitations to conferences or lectures. Finally, running a blog very much taught me about online communities from the most practical side.

Summing up – it is possible that if we had to go through the same path again with today’s knowledge, we would give up the rather bureaucratic process of finalizing our doctorate and its defense. Time and commitment that cost me, we could certainly spend on something more developmental. On the other hand, the satisfaction of bringing this stage to the end is still coming back to me.

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